To be eligible for housing in the Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-ops, you must be a student, staff or faculty of the University of California at Santa Barbara.*

A student is defined as anyone currently enrolled during the quarter(s) of his or her contract.

During the summer contract period, student status is in effect as long as the member is enrolled as a student during the contiguous term. (They will be a student during the next contract period.)

A student will retain their SBSHC student status if they graduate during school year contract period. The student will also be eligible to apply for housing the summer after they graduate as a grace period.

*Exceptions to the eligibility requirement may be considered by the Board of Directors. Special consideration is given to the following:

  • A staff person for the SBSHC
  • A domestic partner of a member
  • An fulltime staff person of the Isla Vista Food Cooperative
  • A student at Santa Barbara City College
  • A current or previous co-op member who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and involvement to our co-op and who will continue to make a positive impact on the community within the co-op.