frequently asked questions

The following page contains answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed below. If you have any additional questions, please do not hestiate to contact us.

When is my application due?

SBSHC starts accepting applications on the second Friday in January for the following summer contract (June to September) and School year contract (September to June). It is best to turn in your application as soon as they become available. Spots are offered on a first come first served basis.

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What are my chances of being placed?

Placement is contingent on how many members wish to discontinue their residency. This number varies greatly from year to year and it is difficult to predict. If you turn in your application early you should have a good chance of being placed as long as you do not have a strict list of housing preferences. (For example, potential members who desire a studio apartment or single room in a specific house and are not willing to accept other options, such as shared rooms, may not be placed even if their application was turned in very early).

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Which houses/apartments are the best to live in?

It depends on your preferences and lifestyle. For example, if you are a vegetarian, the Dashain House would probably be the most accommodating, since they only buy and cook vegetarian food items and also place significance on organic and vegan products. If you have a busy schedule and would rather not have a meal plan because class or work keeps you eating out, then the Newman houses may be better for you. Check out the house descriptions on the website and flyers, visit the houses, and, most importantly, talk to the current members of each house about their experiences.

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Will I be in a shared room/Can I request a single room?

Most new coop members live in a shared room, though it is possible to receive a single if you are on the top of the waiting list. It is reasonably easy for a veteran coop member to switch into a single room after their first contract period in the coops. They may also choose to move to a different house that better suites their needs. When a member begins residency in the coop, they begin accruing seniority points (one point for each quarter they stay in a house). Towards the end of a contract period each member will have a chance to bid into a different room. Bids are awarded based on seniority points, coop members who have lived in the houses the longest get first priority. In other words, it pays off to stick with it.

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What are the contract periods/Can I be released from my contract early?

The contract period for the school year starts in mid-September and extends through mid-June, the summer contract period goes from mid-June to mid-September, these dates are not negotiable. If you desire to leave before your contract expires you must break contract and continue paying monthly charges until you are replaced by an eligible member.

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