More Information on Dues/Rent

1. When is my rent (aka dues) due? On the first of every month, regardless of notice.

2. How long is the grace period and how much is the late fee? SBSHC gives its members until the fifth of the month to turn in rent/dues before a late fee of 25usd is charged.

3. To whom do I give my rent/dues? Always turn your rent in to the House Treasurer if possible. Usually there is a lock box in the house where the treasurer expects rent to be turned in; you can drop off your check there. Suite J also accepts rent checks during normal business hours.

4. What is a rent/dues slip? Your rent/dues slip is a description of your monthly fees including, Room, House, and Board Charges, as well as late fees and other fines. Each month you will receive a slip of paper either taped to your door or inside your personal mail-box. The total amount owed will be listed on the bottom right hand corner of the slip.

5. What if I don’t receive said slip? You must still pay on the 1st of the month regardless of notice. Pay your normal monthly amount (if you don’t know how much this is, call Suite J during business hours) and talk to your House Treasurer immediately about why you didn’t receive a slip.

6. How much is my rent/dues? Your total monthly cost consists of room, house, and board charges. Your room charge amount is listed on your contract, this amount depends on whether you have a double or single and which house you live in. Your house and board charges are also dependent on which house you live in. Ask your House Treasurer or an SBSHC staff member if you do not know how much each of these amounts are from month to month.

7. What if I can’t pay? SBSHC recognizes that attending a university (especially in Southern California) can be financially stressful. If you are having trouble making ends meet, your House Treasurer can give you an extension until the 10th of the month and help you fill out the necessary payment plan form.

8. What is a payment plan? A payment plan is an approved payment schedule for members who encounter brief financial troubles and are unable to make their usual monthly payments.

9. How do I get a payment plan? You can fill out the payment plan request form with your House Treasurer. However, payment plans cannot be granted to members who owe the equivalent of more than 2 months rent or to members who have already been granted 2 payment plans within the current contract period. You must also attend the Finance Committee meeting and explain your request. Three treasurers or one treasurer and the board treasurer must sign your payment plan in order for it to be considered valid. If you break the terms of your payment plan you will be charged a late fee and will not be allowed to apply for another (read: all your past due charges are due immediately and normal rent payments are due on the first of the month).

10. What if I fail to request a payment plan? If by the 15th of the month, you have not either paid the amount owed or filled out a request for a payment plan, the Financial Committee can serve you a 3-day Pay or Quit notice. This gives you 3 business days to pay the amount you owe or face legal eviction.

11. What about Newman’s house and board charges? In Newman, the House charge is less because it does not include gas and electric utilities. Each unit is responsible for setting up their own utilities and equally sharing the costs amongst people who live in their unit. Since Newman has no meal plan, only a small board charge is applied. This does not mean Newman can’t have a boarding plan – residents could ban together to purchase a few CSA shares or bulk grains and proteins from the Isla Vista Food Coop.