What is a Co-op?
Each co-op of the SBSHC is a close-knit community. We cook and clean for each other. We organize our own parties and other social events. And we generally make our own rules and govern ourselves. Also, since we provide our own food service and maintenance, we're able to keep the costs down.

Occupancy & Amenities
We have 6 houses ranging from 13 to 18 members and an apartment complex housing about 27 members. The rooms sometimes pass on a bed, mattress, desk, chair and dresser but we do not guarantee furniture. You provide the personal touches with your own linens, curtains, etc. You can even install shelving or paint the room. Remember, it's your home.

Housing Options: The Coop Houses
All of the bedrooms are either singles or doubles.
All the houses require chores and subsist from member’s cooperation and time.

The Co-op Apartments
The SBSHC apartment complex has studios and two bedroom apartments. The apartment common rooms are unfurnished, but often furniture is left by former occupants. All of the bedrooms are double occupancy except for the Studios, which can be either singles or doubles.

Assignment to a particular spot is done by the Membershipping Committee, and is based on SBSHC seniority and applications are first come first served. Every co-op has its own personality. You can see a little about each co-op photo gallery, or you can come by and visit them.

Co-op housing remains affordable by relying on members to do the work needed to run the houses. All co-op members are required to contribute. At each of the houses, the chore requirement is about three hours per week (the exact amount is determined by each house). In addition, members participate in the Service Program in which they can hold an Officer/Manager position, sit on a co-op wide committee, sit on the Board of Directors, or work on an independent project. These positions offer co-opers experience, which may be useful later when applying for jobs or graduate school. Chore requirements are fulfilled in a variety of ways. Within each boarding house the cooking, dish washing, gardening, vacuuming, and other tasks need to be completed. Finally, the co-ops offer rent rebates for some house officers. If you are interested inquire with your house members.

Food Service
Biko, Dashain, Manley, Merton and Persimmon houses offer food service year round.

Houses democratically set their own food policies.
Dinners are planned, prepared and served by members as chores for the entire house. Members who cannot make the regular meal times can have "late plates" saved for them. Vegetarian options are provided. Additionally, Dashain, our vegetarian house, does not allow any meat or fish products in their kitchen. The open kitchen policy allows individual members to prepare food at any time. Snack food and leftovers are available at all times. To promote house community, everything from elaborate brunches to theme-inspired dinners are featured throughout the semester. If you would like to learn more, please contact the central office or talk to a kitchen manager at any of the houses.